List of film spoofs in Mad - Wikipedia This list of film spoofs in Mad includes films spoofed by the American comic magazine Mad.Usually, an issue of Mad features a spoof of at least one feature film or television program.The works selected by the staff of Mad are typically from cinema and television in the United States.. The authors parody the original titles with puns or other wordplay. Characters are caricatured, and lampooned 15 Hilarious Adult Horror Parodies - Apr 12, 2017 List of Movie Villains' Defeats | The Parody Wiki | Fandom The Parody Wiki. 136,458 Pages. Add new page. Popular pages. Most visited articles. Davidchannel DVD Collection; Cruella De Vil and Jean-Pierre Le Pelt's defeat (in the film Live Action Movie) Add a photo to this gallery. 2001. Si and Am's defeat (February 27, 2001) Reggie's defeat (February 27, 2001) The Dogcatcher's defeat (February 27, 2001) The 14 Most Brilliant Porn Parodies of All Time | GQ

A list of Sesame Street sketches that are direct parodies of other shows - both recurring sketches and one-time sketches. 24, parody of 24, "30 Rocks," parody of 30 Rock, "The Add'ems Family," parody of The Addams Family, "The Crossing Zone", parody of The Twilight Zone, "Desperate Houseplants," parody of Desperate Housewives, The Eating Game, parody of The Dating Game, Family Food, parody of

The movie clip was rotoscoped by JJ All-star in sixth part of Der Frozengang. Ulrich Noethen and Justus von Dohnányi have appeared in it, therefore serve as an actor parody. The Bourne Trilogy The first and fifth movie are used in an unfinished "Fegelein's Vengeance" parody by F-A Alexander. Buffalo Soldiers A compilation of stills from different scenes in Downfall.. This page contains a list of all scenes in Downfall, as well as the "behind the scenes" bonus footage available in the DVD or Blu-Ray versions of Downfall.

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