When we create a pipe using CreatePipe() API, it returns 2 handles - read pipe and write pipe. Now, we will use an amazing tool, named PoolMonX by Pavel Yosifovich to track the pool allocations. The pool tag of our interest here is ‘NpFr’. Initially, we can see above, that there are no allocations corresponding to the tag ‘NpFr’

ORA-06558 in dbms_pipe.pack_message | Oracle Community Nov 22, 2018 msdn.microsoft.com msdn.microsoft.com CreatePipe creates the pipe, assigning the specified pipe size to the storage buffer. CreatePipe also creates handles that the process uses to read from and write to the buffer in subsequent calls to the ReadFile and WriteFile functions. To read from the pipe, a process uses the read handle in a call to the ReadFile function. The CreatePipe function uses the SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES structure to create inheritable handles to the read and write ends of two pipes. The read end of one pipe serves as standard input for the child process, and the write end of the other pipe is the standard output for the child process. A handle to the pipe. This parameter can be a handle to a named pipe instance, as returned by the CreateNamedPipe or CreateFile function, or it can be a handle to the read end of an anonymous pipe, as returned by the CreatePipe function. The handle must have GENERIC_READ access to the pipe. lpBuffer

Mode Meaning; PIPE_WAIT 0x00000000: Blocking mode is enabled. When the pipe handle is specified in the ReadFile, WriteFile, or ConnectNamedPipe function, the operations are not completed until there is data to read, all data is written, or a client is connected.

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Using pipes (VB6) to communicate with a console App Initialize = CreatePipe(lngRead, lngWrite, secPipe, Len(secPipe)) If Initialize = 0 Then Exit Function 'So far, the pipe seems to be working, so it's time to build the process. 'Keep in mind that you ALSO need a "thread" for the process to run on, so 'that also needs to be defined. To Create Alignments From Pipe Network Parts | Civil 3D