Facebook can be pretty invasive for your privacy, but you don't have to let it stay that way. Adjust these settings to keep your account to yourself.

Facebook has once again rolled out new features to its Messenger app. This was announced and shared on the platform official blog site. The new update brings App lock and new privacy settings to the app. App lock has been on WhatsApp for some time now and Facebook has decided to introduce it to its […] Jul 01, 2020 · Personalized privacy: Customizing your Facebook settings. On the world’s largest social network, a prudent approach to privacy is critical. This publication provides detailed instructions for using the various Facebook privacy management tools—both basic and advanced. If you use Facebook primarily through a desktop browser, the Privacy and Settings Tools page is located under General Account Settings (through the Settings link in the main dropdown menu). Less flashy than the mobile app, you can still update what Facebook shares about you, who can search for your profile, and how visible your posts are here. Jan 03, 2013 · The key thing to remember is that there are three types of privacy settings for Facebook Groups; open, closed, and secret. Here’s a breakdown on the privacy settings that you can use for Facebook Groups. 3 Types of Facebook Groups. Open. The open privacy setting for Facebook Groups let’s anyone join the group or add members. Jul 17, 2018 · Setting the Facebook Privacy Settings on Your Business Page From your Facebook Business Page, you can access your settings by accessing the menu in the top right of your screen, and tapping Settings. To address the most recent concern of third-party app connections, you’ll need to do two things. Remove access for apps you don’t use. 2 days ago · Facebook on Wednesday announced new privacy settings for the Messenger app that enables users to unlock the app using fingerprint or face authentication. Jan 28, 2020 · Facebook wants to start the 2020s on the right privacy footing, and it's about to make that abundantly clear to most of its users. The social network is planning to prompt almost 2 billion people

M anaging Facebook’s labyrinthine privacy settings is an ongoing challenge, not least because the options available to users are constantly changing. The social network has given people

Zuckerberg's comment came a month after Facebook moved forward with drastic changes to its privacy settings. It made users' name, gender, profile pictures, current city, networks, and friend lists all publicly available, meaning anyone -- both on and off the social network -- could view them.

Facebook Messenger introduces app lock and new privacy

8 Steps to Secure Your Facebook Privacy Settings