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LiquidVPN: The Most Trusted VPN For Torrenting, Kodi Apr 02, 2017 LiquidVPN Reviews: Pricing & Software Features 2020 LiquidVPN is a highly-trusted VPN application especially for torrent file-sharing, Kodi, online privacy, and streaming. The application serves to protect users online by providing them with anonymous IP addresses with just one click. With LiquidVPN, people can also skirt around ISP rules such as download limits and streaming buffers.

LiquidVPN’s selection of devices is rather average, or perhaps slightly above it. Most of the mainstream devices used are welcome. Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP all come with either Viscosity or the open source client mentioned earlier. Mac OSX is available with a built-in dialer on L2TP and PPTP. It is also accessible via Liquid Viscosity

Jun 09, 2020

LiquidVPN vs NordVPN Comparison – Best Reviews

Sadly, LiquidVPN lacks separate client software, and you need to use an open-source client to set up the connection.The company makes up for this by providing proper guidelines for the process. They also provide a wide variety of protocols, and they implemented a kill switch feature, too.Their user-friendliness is shown when they state that only a bare minimum of your date is logged during