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My headphones are great and work fine with other devices including my old iPhone. Seems to be a very slight jack incompatobility. I have an old headphone splitter jack which I bought at radio shack many years ago. Basically you plug this thing into the headphone jack, and on the back of it there are two holes so you can plug two pairs of magicJack Tips Tricks and Hacks: MagicJack SIP info Nov 07, 2007 Wireless Connections And Magic Jack - Networking

May 11, 2020

Mic suddenly stopped working - Windows 10 Forums Feb 26, 2016 Mic Jack not Working - Windows 10 Forums

Apr 05, 2020

Apr 29, 2013 RESOLVED – Firmware for magicJack not yet available for Aug 12, 2015 Voicemail not working! MJ fixed the problem. We did this! Nov 18, 2008 MagicJack Plus FIXED After an electrical storm, my Magic Jack Plus quit working with my router. It only worked in USB mode. I changed firewall settings, ethernet cables and finally changed the power supply. The Magic Jack power adapter works at 1 amp. I have a 2 amp adapter that works fine with it.